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Pacific Siam King Simba of O'Cairns Cats

King Simba is our mighty seal point Balinese cat. His personality lives up to his regal name. Simba enjoys lounging around the home and playing with our children. He is a very handsome and large cat with long, soft fur and bright blue eyes.


Azurey's Dante Osiris of O'Cairns Cats


Dante, our adorable tiger kitty, is our handsome seal lynx point Balinese cat. He comes to us from Tresor Cats. Dante's unique color pattern means he produces Balinese kittens from all color points including seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac. (standard and lynx.) Dante is a very sweet and playful boy who loves to roll around on the floor. He has stunning lynx stripes and beautiful blue eyes. 

Tresorcats Blue Bayou of O'Cairns Cats

Blue Bayou is our newest King. He is a stunning blue point with an amazing fur coat and ocean blue eyes. He is very smart and has a lovable, playful personality.

blue bayou 2.jpg
blue bayou website_edited.jpg
blue bayou_edited.jpg

O'Cairns Cats Atlas of O'Cairns Cats

Atlas is our stunning Seal Lynx future king. He is the son of Sweet Pea and Dante. 

Atlas King_edited.jpg
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