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Our Balinese Beauties

Pacific Siam Blu Capri of O'Cairns Cats

Blu Capri is our beautiful blue point Balinese cat. Capri's striking blue eyes compliment her blue-grey tips. She has beautiful soft, and long fur. Capri loves to be the center of attention and enjoys cuddling with her human and cat family. 


Tresorcats Princess Luna of O'Cairns Cats

Princess Luna is our stunning lilac point Balinese cat. Luna's lavender blue eyes are what got her her celestial name. Luna is a sweet girl who loves one on one attention from her humans and loves to cuddle with her cat family. 


Pacific Siam Mademoiselle Paris of O'Cairns Cats

Mademoiselle Paris is our sweet lilac point Balinese cat. Paris's big icy blue eyes and confident personality demand attention from everyone in the room. She loves to play with both her human and cat family.

O'Cairns Cats Sweet Pea of O'Cairns Cats

Sweet Pea is our beautiful Blue Point Balinese princess. She is the daughter of Mademoiselle Paris and King Simba. She has beautiful ocean blue eyes and a gorgeous, fluffy fur coat. She is very smart, playful, and loves to cuddle. 

baby sweet pea 2.jpg
sweet pea 3_edited.jpg
sweet pea 4_edited.jpg
sweet pea eyes_edited.jpg
sweet 1_edited.jpg
Tresorcats Coco Truffle of O'Cairns Cats
Coco is our beautiful chocolate point future queen. 
Coco 2_edited.jpg
Coco Christmas.jpg
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