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O'Cairns Balinese Royale is a hobbyist Balinese Cat breeder located in Central California. All of our cats are our loving family pets, as well as breeding cats. Our Cattery name is OCairns Cats and we are registered with T.I.C.A. We ensure that our kittens will have the best start in life prior to going to their forever homes. They will be up to date on vaccinations. They will have a full vet physical examination prior to leaving our home. Kittens will go home with a kitten starter pack. The kitten starter pack includes a kitten litter tray, litter,  kitten food (Life's Abundance), and a blanket that smells like their mama and litter mates to help comfort them in their transition from our home to yours. Our kittens are raised with lots of love in our family household. They are raised and socialized with our children and adult family members. We keep our kittens until they are around twelve weeks old. This time frame is vital to their social development, as they will learn important life skills from their mother and litter mates. At twelve weeks old, they will be adapted to household family life, litter trained, and ready to move on to their new family. Cost of a kitten is $2,000 and includes a $300 deposit to be added to the waitlist. Cost of a balinese kitten is typically between $1,500-$2,500 for an ethical and reputable breeder. Our purpose is to breed happy, healthy, and socialized Balinese cats for people who will forever love them, and forever be loved by them.

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